TBP Podcast 011: How to Get 20k Followers on Instagram with Wang Borja

If you ever wondered what it’s like to have 20k or more followers on Instagram, then this episode is for you! Here in the The Big Picture Podcast, we try to invite as many interesting individuals who are doing what they love and Dave’s lucky to meet one. Meet Wang Borja from Siargao. He has over 20k followers on Instagram and is now able to earn from it! He also does this while still at the age of 18! Learn all about how to get more followers on Social Media, how to convert follows and likes to sponsorships, and how to stay real online on this episode!

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Show Nuggets:

  • What do Online Influencers actually do?
  • Being authentic online
  • How “Likes” and “Followers” convert into money
  • Techniques on how to gain “Organic” Followers
  • The Importance of posting during Primetime Hours
  • How to become an Online Influencer
  • How do #Hashtags work?
  • The risk at the beginning and the success over time
  • Wang’s tips for aspiring Online Influencers
  • What motivated Wang to grow his network and earn online
  • How blogging helped Wang in gaining more followers on Instagram
  • And much more!


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