TBP Podcast 040: Learn How to Build Successful Brands from the Person Behind Thirsty (and 16 Other Brands)

In today’s show of The Big Picture Podcast, Dave and Jo interviewed the chairman and chief executive officer of Pages Holdings, Inc., Bunny Pages. Once hailed the Grand Chamber Entrepreneur of the Year, Bunny started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 49.

To date, Pages Holdings has established 17 brands including Lantaw, Cafe Racer, Mooon Cafe, and Thirsty. Bunny also owns and operates My Playroom Kids Care Center, Guitar World, Play House Preschool, and B.R.I.G.H.T. Academy.

If you’re a budding entrepreneur who wants to know Bunny’s entrepreneurial strategy and how he was able to successfully run so many thriving ventures at the same time, you can’t miss today’s episode!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Bunny’s backstory
  • How his entrepreneurial journey started
  • What he’s good at
  • His definition of an entrepreneur
  • His advice for budding entrepreneurs
  • His failures and what he learned from it
  • People he looks up to
  • Challenge every entrepreneur experiences when they start a business
  • Challenge encountered when growing an organization
  • Manila’s challenging market
  • On running a business with family
  • How he manages a downturn
  • His thoughts on people who want to succeed but don’t want to work hard
  • How he makes things easy
  • What he’ll do first if he only has P10,000 and a month’s supply of food and a place to stay
  • The concept of closing open loops
  • How to close an open loop
  • 3 Things that will help you succeed in life
    • You need to solve your problems
    • You need to take the opportunities when they come
    • You need to practice Kaizen
  • The key things budding entrepreneurs should do
  • How to read a financial statement
  • The role of the wife in one’s success


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