TBP Podcast 033: Start Writing Your Book with Leony Tan-Seng

In today’s show of The Big Picture Podcast, Jo and Dave interviewed Leony Tan-Seng, a book coach and consultant, public speaker, corporate trainer, personal and life coach, and published author. She has published 2 books so far and has more in the works including one for “The Big Picture Podcast.”

If you’re looking for tips, guidance, and inspiration on how to write your first (or nth) book, today’s episode is for you!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Leony’s background
  • On having a job many people want
  • How she realised something needed to change
  • How she started writing books
  • Making a shift and getting married
  • On millennials having a quarter-life crisis
  • On her vocation and avocation
  • What hindered her from pursuing the things she loved
  • What executive coaching is
  • How someone who’s not a CEO and have not started a company can coach
  • How one can become a coach
  • The awesome thing about the group she’s currently a part of
  • The kind of people she expects to see in her workshops
  • Benefits of having authored and published a book
  • On convincing aspiring authors to write their book right away
  • Her take on interdependence


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