TBP Podcast 022: Creative Marketing Strategies in Today’s Modern Business World with Carlo Villarica

In this special episode of The Big Picture Podcast, we did something we have not done since we started this podcast—interview a fellow podcaster! Hopefully, this will be the first of many.

Our special guest is no other than Carlo Villarica, the genius behind Zerothreetwo and the host of Zerothreetwo Conversations.

Zerothreetwo is a blog site, an online magazine, a clothing line, and a digital marketing agency rolled into one.

Listen in as Carlo shared how Zerothreetwo has evolved through the years, what he enjoys doing, how he uses his podcast to preserve Cebu’s culture, and how their business style is different from others.

You’ll be hearing plenty of interesting, amazing, and contemporary ideas so don’t forget to tune in!

Listen to the Podcast Here

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Show Nuggets:

  • How Zerothreetwo started
  • Starting the Zerothreetwo Conversations podcast
  • On having many article contributors
  • Focusing on what they are good at
  • How blogging works
  • Monetising the attention through their clothing line
  • Doing social media consultancy
  • How the business progressed from blogging
  • Getting funds through sponsored posts
  • Sources of their revenue
  • What he learned from his consultancy experience
  • Services they do for companies
  • On doing something he enjoys
  • How the brand helped them get clients
  • Using social media to get their message across and as an avenue to get people to connect with them
  • Finding out how different platforms work and how people would interact with them
  • Staying relevant to the audience
  • Preserving Cebu’s history or culture through the podcast
  • Knowing who you are and what you want to do
  • Being clear on their services and what they can offer


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