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TBP Podcast 020: How to Succeed in Business and Create a Social Impact

In this episode of The Big Picture Podcast, we sat down with Vince Loremia. He is the co-founder of Tudlo Innovation Solutions and Kallfly. The brilliant techie is committed to helping Cebu’s tech startups and boosting the local startup ecosystem.

He carries out business technology adaptations or transformation for all traditional businesses using technology. His company, Tudlo, empowers organisations and individuals through social innovation using the latest web and mobile technology to create a secure, safer, and smarter society.

In this episode, Vince shared several helpful insights—how to start a business with meager capital, how to secure funding, how to keep a positive mindset, and how to take action, among many others. If you are passionate about using technology to create a social impact, consider today’s episode a must-listen!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Vince’s backstory
  • The environment in Silicon Valley
  • How Silicon Valley inspired him to create his very own startup
  • What Tudlo Innovation is
  • Emergency management system as their first application
  • What a tech startup company is
  • Tips on starting even without enough money
  • Where to apply for grants
  • How the company developed
  • How he got into Startup Island
  • Pain points of the Philippine startup ecosystem
  • His passion for work that has social impact
  • His life mantra
  • His family background and his childhood
  • On having a positive mindset
  • The Law of Attraction
  • Positive thinking and action-oriented results
  • Kallfly and Tudlo Innovation Solutions
  • The 5Ts to securing funding
    • Build a strong TEAM
    • Get TALENTED people
    • Build good TECHNOLOGY
    • Get TRACTION
    • TIMING
  • Their marketing strategy
  • Building your network
  • OFB – Overseas Filipino Businessmen


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