TBP Podcast 013: What It Takes to Start a Clothing Brand with Carlos Canga of Elated Industries

In today’s episode of The Big Picture Podcast, we interviewed Carlos Canga of Elated Industries. He and a few friends started a clothing brand and decided to go big! That said, they went ahead and put up a store in Ayala Mall Cebu, which probably has one of the highest rental rates. After a couple of years, they’re keeping up! Elated Industries with the vision of Carlos has built a brand built for the “elated” individuals and offer not your ‘any kind’ of products. Learn about Carlos’ journey and how you can possibly start a brand that tells a story. This is one you shouldn’t miss!

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Show Nuggets:

  • How Carlos and his friends started Elated Industries
  • Why they chose a clothing line as a business
  • Acknowledging your weakness and finding partners
  • The team behind Elated Industries
  • Why start a clothing company?
  • Passion vs Profitability
  • What makes Elated different from other clothing company
  • Importance of defining the market
  • How telling a story translates into customer loyalty
  • Automating the process
  • Translating the “passion” to the staff
  • The scalability of the business
  • Difficult decisions he had made
  • What’s next for Elated Industries
  • How Carlos markets Elated Industries brand
  • What is an “Elated” guy
  • The feeling of having a store in Ayala Cebu
  • And much more!


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Links and Resources:

Connect with Carlos and Elated Industries:

Watch the Video Here:

Inside Elated Industries Studio

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