TBP Podcast 007: Passion and Projects with Jen Murillo

Some people are scared of following what they are passionate about because it might not work out. However, our guest today thinks otherwise! In today’s episode of The Big Picture Podcast, we sit down with Jen Murillo. She has gone a long way from various jobs (including cleaning restrooms!) to following her passion and earning at the same time! Now she takes pride on only taking projects that are a mix of being creative and purposeful. Discover the reason behind this and how she keeps this all together while building an amazing online presence!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Jens’ story
  • What is Passion and Projects
  • Finding her true passion
  • Making her passion her business
  • How her business works
  • Her thoughts on BPO
  • Having a clear why
  • Helping others so that they can help you
  • The struggle of supporting your dreams
  • Vlogging and building your online presence
  • Her advice to anyone starting out with their passion



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