TBP Podcast 005: Starting Multiple Brands at a Young Age with Charmaine de Leon

In today’s episode of The Big Picture Podcast, we interviewed one of the brains behind Pop District Bazaar and Sugbu Mercado. If you’re from Cebu, then you probably have heard about these two bazaars. Meet Charmaine Ong de Leon. At a young age and just fresh from college, she managed to start a couple of businesses that are pretty famous in the local community. What’s unique about these open-air markets is that they don’t only serve shoppers but also help and promote local businesses too! Don’t miss this episode full of wisdom coming from, we dare say, a “millennial!”

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who is Charmaine?
  • The reason behind Pop District
  • Selling online during college
  • Sugbu Mercado’s history
  • The struggles of starting a business
  • Multiple businesses that don’t demand much time
  • Managing her time as an entrepreneur
  • How’s her day looks like?
  • Lessons she learned starting her business
  • How they’re using social media marketing


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