TBP Podcast 004: Making Your Passion Your Business with January Tan

We’re so excited to have our first guest in the podcast, January Tan. She is a wedding organizer who believes that anyone should follow their passion. In this episode of The Big Picture Podcast, learn how she was able to find her way to what truly makes her happy and “significant.” If you’re someone who is starting a business, in a middle of shifting careers, or afraid of making more mistakes, this episode is for you!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who is January and what she’s passionate about
  • Her Dad telling her to find a good job
  • Starting young as an entrepreneur
  • Listening to that inner desire to start a business
  • Employment vs Self Employment
  • Letting your significance be your compass
  • Her wedding organizer business
  • Lessons she learned throughout her career so far


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