TBP Podcast 001: What is The Big Picture?

Welcome to The Big Picture, where the hosts believe that anyone can SEE, THINK, and ACT big. In this pilot episode, you will discover what The Big Picture is, what to look forward in future episodes, and also meet the hosts of the show — Joseph and Dave.

If you are someone who is stuck at the same job for several years, forced to work outside the country for money, or who is wondering “there must be more to life than this!” then this show is for you! Discover how seeing the Big Picture can be your first baby step to success.

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Show Nuggets:

  • What is The Big Picture
  • The trending video of an OFW leaving the country
  • What to look forward to for this show
  • The philosophy behind the show
  • Why OFWs might find this as an amazing podcast for them
  • The vision of helping people take the next baby step to success
  • How to connect with us

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Watch the  Video Here:

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