TBP Podcast 52: Understanding Your Marketing Strategy Needs with Hector Angeles

Our guest in today’s episode is Hector Angeles. Hector is a master marketer, creative strategist, and business consultant. He is also adept in local and international branding and marketing, traditional and digital marketing, sales, market research, marketing communications, brand management and design, and experiential events.

Hector is also the founder and CEO of Mad Elephant PH. He was included in MADCon Dubai’s Top 100 Marketers and Advertisers 2019.

In the show, he talked about his career journey, what marketing is for him, and how he defines marketing success. He also shared some of the prevalent mistakes many organisations commit and how they can be avoided, among many others.

If you can use some expert marketing guidance, consider listening to this episode a must!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who Hector is and how he became the person he is today
  • How he got to work at ABS-CBN’s art department
  • How he transitioned from fine arts to marketing
  • How he got his first clients
  • What marketing is
  • What a unique selling proposition (USP) is
  • When should businesses consider marketing
  • Common mistakes companies are doing and how he corrects it
  • How he defines success in marketing
  • How marketing has changed the past 5 years
  • What keeps him busy
  • Client success stories
  • Learnings from the hosts
  • His morning routine
  • Book recommendations
  • On whether or not he considers himself successful
  • What he’ll do if he has to start all over again
  • Best advice he has ever received
  • Who inspires him
  • His advice to people who are overseas and would like to give business a try


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