TBP Podcast 023: How to Establish and Successfully Run Multiple Streams of Income with Marq Martin

In today’s show of The Big Picture Podcast, we chatted with Marq Martin, a prolific entrepreneur who owns and runs multiple streams of income. Aside from running a furniture business, he also does digital marketing consultation as well as photography and video.

Creative and steadfast, he also sells Marq Martin Pearls on Lazada and provides Law of Attraction training and life coaching on the side.

A bookworm at heart, he has also written and published several books and has a little library at home consisting of around 300 nonfiction books.

In this episode, he’ll talk about two of the things he does best—taking action and executing ideas. He also shared how he overcomes both fear and criticism and how he successfully manages all his ventures.

If you’re considering starting a business, you’ll find the wisdom, guidance, and tips he shared in this episode truly invaluable so don’t forget to tune in!

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Show Nuggets:

  • How Mark came up with several income streams
  • On having different jobs
  • How he got involved in the drug dealing business
  • How he got involved in the family business in Cebu and established his own marketing company
  • On executing ideas
  • On taking action despite the fear
  • The fear of criticism and how to overcome it
  • His different income streams
  • Digital marketing
  • How he managed to run 6 businesses
  • Which among his businesses is the most in demand at the moment
  • What he learned from his mistakes running a rental business
  • His books and how he is building his personal brand
  • How he promotes his books
  • The secret to selling in Lazada
  • Helping the economy and helping people change their money mindsets


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