TBP Podcast 012: From Friends to Business Partners with the Guys Behind Brass

One of the best ways to start a business is to start with partners. Although it’s not specified if it should be friends or new acquaintances, the guys behind BRASS certainly believe they can do it as good old friends. Meet Ivin, Schubert, and Eric — the individuals behind BRASS, a barbershop for gentlemen! Discover how these three friends since high school recently started a business with a big vision of creating a barbershop/lounge exclusive for men!

In this episode of The Big Picture Podcast, learn how they started without prior experience to a service type of business, how they manage their barbershop, and how they face the struggles of a new business. Don’t miss it!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who are the men behind Brass
  • The story behind the Barbershop
  • Business Partnership with Friends
  • Men deserve pampering too!
  • How it’s really like to start a business from scratch
  • Their individual roles in the business
  • What makes this barbershop unique?
  • Separating themselves from competition through their service
  • Challenges faced during the first few months
  • Utilizing customer feedbacks
  • How they market Brass
  • Their future plans
  • And much more!


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Links and Resources:

Connect with Schubert, Ivin, and Eric:

Watch the Video Here:

Inside BRASS

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