TBP Podcast 51: An Introduction to Homeschooling with Edric and Joy Mendoza

Today’s guests are Edric and Joy Mendoza. Edric is the president of Homeschool Global, a global learning organisation with over 4, 000 students across 30 countries. The brilliant edu-preneur is also a financial planner, keynote speaker, former TV personality, and family advocate. Edric is also the founder and president of The Parentschooling Co. His aim is to help change the world, one family at a time.
Joy is a mother of six homeschooled children and the award-winning blogger behind Teach With Joy. She is also the director of a homeschool program, an author, and an influential person in the Philippine homeschooling community. Together with her husband Edric, they have been involved in family-related campaigns for over 15 years.
In today’s episode Edric and Joy talked about homeschooling and how parents can get started with homeschooling. They also answered the two most frequently asked questions about homeschooling and its effects on the development of children.
If you’re a parent who’s considering homeschooling or just looking for an alternative educational program for your kids, this episode is for you!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who Edric and Joy are
  • The family problems they are addressing through their programs
  • Digital detox
  • The current digital exposure of the family
  • The right age to talk about sex education and how parents should
    respond to these type of questions
  • How they started homeschooling
  • Edric’s concerns about homeschooling
  • How to match the goal and the learning environment
  • The social skills of their children
  • Reason they wrote the book “Why You Should Homeschool”
  • The audience of their book
  • Reflection of the hosts
  • Their morning routine
  • On whether or not they consider themselves successful
  • Who or what inspires them
  • The best advice they have received


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