TBP Podcast 50: Your Quick and Easy Guide to YouTube Influencer Marketing with Joshien Kyla

YouTube influencers are the new generation of celebrities that can write, produce, and distribute content to an enormous and already engaged audience. This might not be common knowledge but YouTube is the second social media platform worldwide with the most active users (with a whopping 500 million hours of videos being watched each day) and the second largest search engine in the world with a staggering 30 million visits daily!

That being said, countless people are now active on the platform and offering content, all in the hope of becoming an influential YouTube celebrity and benefitting from collaborative marketing efforts and paid posts.

Today’s guest is Joshien Kyla, a local YouTube influencer who has amassed an impressive 35, 000 followers in just 6 short months. In today’s episode, she not only shared how she started, she also talked about her journey and how it has opened several lucrative opportunities for her!

If you’re a business who’s considering using YouTube influencer marketing or you’re keen on becoming a YouTube influencer yourself, consider today’s episode a must-hear!

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Show Nuggets:

  • Who Joshien is and how she started
  • The content of her YouTube channel
  • Reactions she got from friends and other people
  • How she amassed 35, 000 followers in 6 months
  • Why views and feedbacks are important
  • Her viral video
  • The difference between her old videos and her viral video
  • Her target audience
  • Opportunities she got from having a lot of followers
  • Things she would do if she had to start all over again
  • How she is profiting from her videos
  • Learnings from the host
  • Her YouTube posting routine
  • Her YouTube inspirations
  • Worst and best advice she has received
  • On whether or not she considers herself successful
  • Her advice to those who feel stuck


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